Man with a Van Humour

We’re looking at hiring a “man with a van” type service to help clear out some stuff before having some work done in our kitchen and I was taken by the service level options offered by one:

  • Luxury (You drink tea, WE work)
  • Typical (We work together and drink tea together)
  • Budget (We drink tea, YOU work, we just drive)

Not sure yet if the price reflects the level of humour!… Read the rest

Never Trust a Weatherman

20120617-122637.jpgSo I am currently away on a short break in Copenhagen. Over the last couple of weeks I have been avidly been checking the weather situation on my iPhone app. Until a few days ago it was predicting sunshine for the two days but the closer we got to the time of departure the worse the forecast got.… Read the rest

A Kings Ransom

Checking through my spam folder this morning to see if anything legit had slipped through the net when this appeared. I really like the line about it being “very difficult for people to believe anything that comes through the internet”

Dear Friend,

I know you will be surprised to read my email.

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I have sat here for a while wondering whether I should press Publish on this post given the sensitivity of the content. But social media in the 21st century seems to allow things to be aired that previously wouldn’t have been acceptable – like my testicles for example.… Read the rest