Alex back stage with ZebraheadA few weeks ago our eldest son wrote to Kerrang magazine stating that he had been to see Zebrahead in concert a couple of times and on both occasions the friends that he had gone with had come away with some piece of memorabilia.… Read the rest


image My iPod is messing with my head. It has taken a real liking to Peter Gabriel, Genesis and Pink Floyd. On the whole not bad choices but I do strive for a bit of variety in my music. Now, I would be the first to admit that I have more than my fair share of Genesis tracks on the player.… Read the rest


Since my post yesterday about the iPod Touch update that add new applications and features to the device I have discovered that it also takes some things away. A couple of the existing applications were Calendar and Contacts which you could sync with Microsoft Outlook – not any more.… Read the rest


ipod So the picture on the left is what my iPod Touch looked like after I had applied the software update announced at Macworld earlier in the week. The big question is, however, is it worth the £12 price tag that Apple have cheekily applied to it?… Read the rest


Interesting article in Wired magazine this month where Talking Heads’ David Byrne examines the state of the music industry and the alternative delivery methods for today’s artists. I won’t go through the whole article other than to say that it is well worth a read and I particularly enjoyed the comment Byrne made on artists taking control of their own destiny: “Not everyone is as smart as those nerdy Radiohead boys.… Read the rest


I have recently been trying out version 2 of Orb. I really like the idea of being able to get access to music/pictures/videos etc. held on my home PC anywhere in the world and on pretty much any device. While I ran my trial I was able to get access on other PCs, my iPod Touch, my BlackBerry and a Pocket PC.… Read the rest